LinkedIn Massacre

I may have done something drastic, I “unfriended” more than 500 people on LinkedIn. In the process I lost that nice little 500+ connections badge you get when you have over 500 connections (cue loud scream & astonished faces – there goes the career down the toilet). Dataclensing Is “unfriending” the correct term to use?

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FUTURE-PROOFING MODERN BUSINESS Thanks to the ARVR Innovate Conference and Marketing Institute of Ireland, I recently had the opportunity to attend the ARVR Innovate conference in Dublin at the RDS (Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality). Having always had a love of technology, I was really looking forward to seeing this new tech and how these

2016 was a very busy year. Ireland brought home two Olympic medals thanks to the efforts of the O’Donovan brothers in Skibbereen. There was the commemorations for the centenary of the 1916 rising, celebrating Ireland’s fight for Independence. An attempted coup In Turkey, Trump voted as the new USA president, Brexit, where the UK voted

When was the last time you had a truly revolutionary/unique/original idea? This question was posed to me during my studies for the MBA at the University of Limerick and had me quickly stumped. Since then, I have often pondered it and often try to apply it to my personal and professional life. In my own

Why is storytelling relevant for business? Recently I came across the concept of storynomics by Robert McKee, otherwise known as corporate storytelling. A fascinating concept which looks at how people have interacted through the ages and how in today’s fast-paced, global and ultra-competitive business environments, it still has relevance and could perhaps be the key

We had the Lord Mayor of Cork at our showrooms today handing over a brand new Ford Fiesta to its new owner Aibheen Murphy. This brings to a close CAB Motor Company’s sponsorship of the Saint Vincent de Paul’s 2015 Annual Christmas Car Raffle. We feel that it has become ever more important to give

Introduction The Argentinian trip which took place after the first year of the MBA at the University of Limerick allowed for a fantastic opportunity to observe first-hand some of the concepts, strategies and models that we had previously been exposed to during the course of our studies. It was also fascinating to see how the Irish