All successful brands have stories which inform, educate and inspire both staff and customers. Ask yourself what your story tells about your business. Is it time to rewrite it ?



“People with passion can change the world”. Steve Jobs. Passion is contagious and will create an emotional connection with customers, you can transfer passion through storytelling.


Present your message in ways you won’t forget. Be Emotional, Be Novel and Be Memorable. Make sure your message is consistently Informative, Educational and Inspirational.


Remove the clutter and keep it simple. Have all the information a click away but ensure that first impressions are positive, interesting and memorable.


Storytelling is an asset and can be used as an important business model/strategy to connect with people/audiences. It can influence culture, build a brand and spur innovation as well as influence marketing, teamwork, culture, sales, service, satisfaction, motivation (essentially all aspects of the business). In a competitive recruitment market it can also help recruit the right staff and encourage retention.

People see brands as people therefore it is what is in your story is what sets you apart. Do a self-audit and see what you are like as a person as it is your story by which you are known. A successful brand must have a story and this is my speciality.

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